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Muse of Fire

Together, Alone

Title: Together, Alone
Author: Muse of Fire
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Pairings: B/A
Format: One-shot, almost-drabble (153 words)
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me, I make no money or profit from them, I just use them at my whim

A/N: Just couldn’t get it under 100. Thanks to uisge_beatha  and my husband for beta reads.

/ / /

It happens on the elevator.

Heading down to the parking garage, early morning hours after a long night spent reviewing evidence. Standing alone, together. Weary. Eames, shifting on her feet, momentarily losing balance, her hand reaches out to steady herself, and Goren’s chest gives her support.

Electric charge, startling them both.

Eyes meet – suddenly, fatigue is secondary to something stronger. Restrained, unsure, descending, doors opening on an ugly fluorescent lit cement space, few cars remaining.

Goren pauses, questioning eyes directed at his partner. She nods almost imperceptibly, follows him to his car as it beeps and unlocks.

Together, alone, the confined interior filled with sudden need. Him, left hand on the steering wheel, the right one reaching over – she puts her small hand in his large one, and there is such warmth.

Things won’t be the same, they both think, but they hold on tighter as they head to Goren’s apartment. Together. Alone.

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