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Feeling Criminal

...it's all good here

Law & Order: Criminal Intent fanfiction
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Law and Order: Criminal Intent fanfiction community!

There are a few rules for what goes on here, and they are as follows:

I. This community is slash, het, and gen friendly.
We try to be open-minded in this community. If you want to pair Goren with Eames, Carver, or no one in particular, there's nothing wrong with that. Feel like writing some Eames/Nicole? Go right ahead!

II. No flaming.
If you don't like someone's representation of the characters, feel free to give them constructive criticism, but do not bully them. If you don't like slash/het/gen, don't read it. Simple as that.

III. Crossovers and AUs are welcome here.
Feel like pairing Eames with Olivia from SVU? Have you written Goren/Buffy? Do you feel the urge to put your favorite Detectives on an atoll in Waterworld, or plunk them down in 1940s New York? It's all welcome here!

IV. All posts should stay on-topic.
On-topic in this community is the posting of fics, fic requests, and fic recs. No spamming/community pimping, or else you'll just end up with your post deleted.

V. The lj-cut is your friend.
If you're posting a fic over 200 words, or that has an R or NC-17 rating, you're more than welcome to do so as long as it's behind a cut. Please, just use common sense. We don't want to be making everyone scroll down for three years on their flist every time someone posts a fic.

VI. No Mary Sues.
I'm sorry, but no Mary Sues. Original characters are allowed, as long as they don't take over the fic.

VII. Fic requests are welcome.
Have a plot bunny you can't write but just can't abandon? See if someone here will adopt it for you!

VIII. Take the drama elsewhere.
We're all fans, so let's be fans together. No comments that will offend others or cause heated debates/rifts among members.

Example of a fic post
Subject line: FIC - Title, Pairing, Rating
Rating: G-NC17
Disclaimer: We must remember that they're not ours! It can be a fancy legal-sounding disclaimer, or simply "All lies," just as long as there is a disclaimer.
Warnings: Anything that would make sensitive readers gouge out their eyes, like bondage or violence. And while not as offensive to some, be sure to put a slash warning if the fic contains slash. While the mod enjoys slash, she realizes that not everyone else does and would like those that don't to have sufficient warning.

< lj-cut text="Title of Fic Here" > Your Fic Here < /lj-cut >
Simply take out the spaces in the coding, and there you go.

I hope you enjoy your look around, and while we're small now, the fics will come.

This community is moderated by slaygirl, who can be reached at daletchica[at]yahoo[dot]com. All questions should be directed to her.